Metal taste in mouth

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May 13, 2015 2:45am
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How do i get the taste of metal out of my mouth after a run ?...

13 May
I keep gum on me or cough drops. They help me salivate and prevent that taste.
13 May
Thanks ... i been looking all over google trying to find a solution
13 May
No problem. It seems to work for me so I hope it helps.
14 May
I like sucking on little breath mints while I'm running it even makes my air ways feel fresh specially on really hot days when it feels as if my throat will explode or burn
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May 14, 2015 4:02pm

How long and fast do you run? It can be a sign, you overdid it.

The reason (if you're healthy in general...but you also should get a check-up) is, that when you're running very fast, your body has a lot of blood circulating and requires a lot of oxagen for the metabolism. Therefore our breathing and our heart is faster to supply the muscles with sufficient nutrients (ATP, creatine, glucose, fat, protein). Our bronchus / lung is filled with high exposure to blood and mucous in the bronchi, it can happen that individual blood cells mix with the slime and get over the small hairs of the lungs to our mouth. Therefore, we have the metal (to be exact: Iron taste) in the mouth.