2 weeks & Counting

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May 13, 2015 3:33am
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So far I feel like Ive lost at least two pounds since I started working out regularly and tweaking some of my eating habits. My addiction when it comes to food is rice, pasta and bread (evil, lol). But if anything I do my best to be mindful that my body is used to a certain calorie consumption when it comes to starch. So I just cut my portions in half and workout minimum of three times a week full body workout. I wanna do my best to keep this up because I have a bad habit of not maintaining it but thankfully the changes Ive made are starting to stick. So to anyone whose reading this, don't give up. See the end result, with your face (like having beyonces body but with my face and hair lol) and it always motivates me to keep striving to be a better me. Stay happy and healthy friends!