10 Non -Fitness- Related Benefits of Working Out

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May 15, 2015 8:51pm

Why would you spend time sweating at the Gym?
Answer: bcause your body and mind need -not just want you to. while many people tend to exercise sloely for leaner muscles or trimmer waist, getting sweaty does way more changing what's in the mirror. so what is more is in it ? Let's see.

1- It can make you better at sex.
Experts and studies always point out that: Regular physical activity boosts your arousal even if you're in a never-ending dry spell. Plus getting a stronger heart and ability for harder poses or staying longer in ordinary ones. which indeed makes differences.

2- It fights off most major diseases.
Breast cancer, Heart attacks, High blood pressure ...etc

3- It could lead to a higher salary.
A study from the Journal of Labour Research disceovered that employees who regularly exercise made about 9% more than those who don't..

4- It gelps you sleep like a Baby.
Can we all agree counting sheep doesn't work? Okay, good. A 2013 poll from the National Sleep Foundation found that exerciseres reported better sleep quality than non-exercisers. (Even though they slept the same amount on average).

5- It cures hangovers.
Experts suggest you should sweat out those alcohol toxins-now. how to get yourself out of bed is another thing....

6- It strengthens your relationships.
Couples who engage in "exciting" activities (get your mind out of the gutter: we're referring to exercise) reported more satisfaction with each other and greater intimacy. No, sex doesn't count as exercise.. Although it should.

7- It wards off wrinkles.
Research presented by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine last year suggested that people in their 40s who exercised frequently (at least 3 hours of moderate to vigorous activity a week) had similar skin compositions- in the buttox specifically since it's rarely exposed to sunlight- as people in their 20s and 30s when examined microscopically.

8- It makes you happier person.

9- It helps you enjoy your job and your personal life.
People who exercised frequently during the week felt more confident in balancing their work and home life than others. Why? Because endorphins make you happy- and less stressed about everything.

10- It boosts your Brain Power.
A Neurology study suggests that high levels of cardio activity at a younger age (18 to 30) improved participants' cognitive abilities 25 years later. Ahem, that's your cue to get moving.

Source : Marie Claire

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May 16, 2015 5:57am
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Wow who knew? 
17 May
Thanks :-)

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