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May 19, 2015 4:29pm
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Last week I found myself awake at 5:15am and not being able to fall back asleep. For whatever reason I was full of energy, so I decided to go for a one mile run followed by a 25 minute core workout.

Afterwards I felt GREAT. I had so much more time to relax and eat breakfast, get ready for the day and, for once, watch the news. I didn't have to worry about rushing to work and was generally excited to get there (fortunate enough to love my job..most days).

However since then I have not been able to wake up that early with that same sense of energy. I have no problem waking up but I "snooze" on back to bed until it's time for work. So what I'm looking for is someone(s) who wouldn't mind a mutual wake up call and motivational nudge to get out of bed. Doesn't have to literal call. A private/group message or text would work also.

Anyone interested? Maybe we could all do the same workouts as well so we're on the same level (more or less). Thanks!!

20 May
I'm in! Since not having to get up for school and not going back to work until the fall. I need motivation to get up and do a workout so I have the energy to get stuff done throughout the day. Plus it will make getting up early for work again easier. PM me and we can talk. Btw I'm starting an ab/Core and pushup challenge you're welcome to do with me. :-)