Motivation to loose weight

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May 21, 2015 4:35am
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I have no motivation to workout sense I came back from spring break please help
21 May
Make yourself
21 May
A daily schedule . And try to eat less junk food . Also try to make your exercises if possible fast without allowing your muscle to relax so it would tone your muscle and make you sweat (you already know that sweat is just fat crying). Use my fitness pal to keep a track on your daily calories intake . Rest is up to you . Work hard if you want that summer body! Apologise for the extra reply xD i pressed by mistake. If i can me of anymore use feel free to ask:]
21 May
Do you have a desire to workout? What are your goals? Sometimes just setting your fitness goals is enough to motivate you. Write them down. Put them somewhere you'll see everyday, multiple times a days. Find activities you like and jump into them. Don't procrastinate!!
23 May
All I have to say is if you want to look good you have to sweat and burn to do it