App to monitor overall health?

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May 21, 2015 4:19pm
via Android

Hey smart phone users, what are your favorite apps to monitor your overall health? I currently use myfitnesspal, sleep as android, and this app. My employer uses Vitality program to keep us motivated. I would like to buy a scale that has bluetooth capability so i can monitor my bodyfat percentage. What are you using? Thanks, M.

21 May
I use my fitness pal & this one. What is sleep as android?
21 May
Its an app to measure how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep
21 May
I use a caliper and have something like a diary for all the workouts I do. On the right side I write all my workouts for one week, on the left the things I measure. Weight, bodyfat, bmi, steps... of course you also can do an Excel-list. I don't know if there are any programs to use,
22 May
Excel would probably work for me. I want something where i can graph my progress and keep things like cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, body fat %, resting heart rate, etc.