Trying to tone but confused?

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May 26, 2015 8:52pm
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Hi guys, was wondering if someone could help me I go to gym regularly and I'm looking to get toned up on my tummy and my arms any suggestions?
26 May
Well my dad and step mom has been loosing weight and my family members are so happy for them From Carlie rei kilgore
26 May
That's great to hear that your family are doing so well losing weight keep up the good work!! From Ellie
26 May
If you have close to a flat stomach and not that much fat on your body this is fine. Just do 70% heavyweights so you can do more reps on your sets. If you do max you'll do less reps then your test your strength instead of toning.
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May 26, 2015 10:31pm
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The thing about "toning" is well. The word needs to die in the fitness world already. Muscle tone actually refers to the degree of tension in a muscle. So we all already have "toned muscles". Anyway if you see it that way or not I'll move along on the subject.  You want to burn fat so you show more muscle definition, great that's a great goal. I too am trying to do this right now. Although I'm sorry to inform you that no one can spot reduce fat. I.e. tricep extension to get rid of bat wings or crunches to get a flat stomach.  These are great workouts that everyone should do, but it is not going to just give you the results you want. The bottom line is, to burn body fat. To do this you must have a solid nutrition plan that involves eating less calories than you burn, which involves you getting enough protein,  fats, and fiber. So solid nutrition is the bottom line. Next you must have a solid training plan. One in which you prioritize heavy, resistance training combined with cardio and sufficient recovery time. The more muscles you work the more calories you will burn. The more muscle you build the more fat will be burned from your body as a whole.  Sorry for the essay, I could go on forever but I think you should get the point I am making. And please let's all kill the word "tone", it's more suitable for the music world.