Hyperhidrosis Cure

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May 27, 2015 11:48am
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Hello people i just realised that i have hyperhidrosis and i can't live my life.My palms are wet when i am out of home.When i am at public my palms are getting wet.Also when i am workouting my whole body is sweating but my hands still dry like every normal person.I read a lot about this and it's caused from stress and have to do with my feelings.I am embarassed to wave and high five with the most of my friends cause of this problem now.This is also affecting my relationships and everything.Is there any natural way to cure this hyperhidrosis?I have lost all my confidence and my self.Please help me get my life back and enjoy my Teen years again :'(

27 May
Go see a doctor bro. It's normal to sweat even in palms . Internet won't help you . A doctor will. Stay strong!
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May 27, 2015 12:17pm
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Well good job keep it up