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Jun 2, 2015 9:03am
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Okay well im 15, im 178cm tall last time i checked and im 75kgs. For my age and height im considered overweight, so in saying that, to be my ideal weight for my age and height i need to loose 25kgs. I lack in motivation i used to be 87 kgs at the start of the year and i was a size 14 - 16 in clothing. So i was pretty fat and i never really took much notice of it until the begining of this year, when my dad, sister and all my other family started calling me fat, lazy etc and it hit me hard to be very honest. Im a size 10 in Shirts now and a size 12 in trousers. I can fit size 10 in trousers perfectly but im not really confident about my legs because my thighs are still fat and they touch.
So in saying that i need motivation so that i can loose 25kgs, achieve a perfect thigh gap, have a tightened stomach and abs, smaller arms as in not fat, defined back (slim, pretty, etc), NO STRETCHMARKS, collarbones and defined facial features eg. Cheek bones, defined jaws.

Someone please HELP ME! So i can prove all the people who are doubting me WRONG!

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Jun 2, 2015 10:57am
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Keep on exercise, u can do it !

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Jun 6, 2015 5:46pm
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Doing it to prove them wrong might be a good start to motivation but having a why for you is more important. .. you can loose the weight and build muscle. If you do it will be maintained by doing it to make you feel good, look good, make you successful and beauty is more than skin deep it starts with how you see and what you believe about yourself... yes i am 50 and i was a size 24 in 6th grade...and it has taken me till this year to do it right and for me...i have lost over200+ pounds...pls keep up all your excellent work and dont worry you will meet your goals with determination and hard steady work...need help or ideas follow me and we can do messages

07 Jun
I recently started the 30 day squat challenge again, and let me tell you it works wonders on your thighs and butt! On the first day you start out by doing 30 squats then the next day you add 20 more squats than what you did the day before.