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Jun 4, 2015 12:23am
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A message I got today from a young guy I've been trying to help (I won't embarrass him by naming)
THIS is why some of us try to help & why we get frustrated by people who ask for advice & then vanish

Hey Scotty, i am proud of my self cause i see and feel the difference.Your excercises are awesome.I have drop from 78.5 kg to 73.0 kg!My push ups 'stamina' is increased also my strength.My legs when i ride my bike run faster easier and i feel so much more stronger!I also can see my belly on sides going off.Incredible man!Thanks so much about....everything!Cheers buddy!

Put in the work & you'll get results. It really is that simple so stop kidding yourself with weak-ass excuses 
04 Jun
That's totally awesome Scotty!
04 Jun
Great stuff Scotty. That is exactly what we all love to see. Positive feedback. Unreal. Unreal to that guy too. Keep up the great work, whomever you are.
04 Jun
Fantastic. Just fantastic!
04 Jun
I would love to thank u to Scott I really like burpees challenge and helpt me a lot soo im gonr start this week the other challenge u created just keep up the great work
04 Jun
Thank you Monda!
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Jun 5, 2015 1:19am
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Thank you Hector for the kind words! I am not the least bit mad or embarrassed, I am honored that you thought I was inspirational! Thank you!
Your doing great it's all about how you feel, that is the most important thing out of all of this!
I think people want over night results and it just doesn't happen that way!
You should be proud how far you have come and keep up the fantastic work!
Scotty you do fantastic work on here its too bad people don't see it, I don't get it
To everyone who has a program and is sticking with it, all of us are in this together, we all have goals and here is to us in reaching them!
Screw the rest who are only on here to get picked up.....yup shut up Dawna! LOL
Have a fantastic evening!

05 Jun
And you can always tell when someone has just done one of my workouts or needs to eat! Lol. Thanks Dawna
05 Jun
Your welcome. I'm definetly not here to pick up. I do try to compliment someone's hard work. I think someone that is fighting the same fight per say tends to understand the hard work that goes into this. I hope my compliments have never offended you or anyone else.
05 Jun
Thanks Hector!
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Mar 25, 2016 12:07am
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Its 2 am i just came here cause i wanted to find this morph topic and check something.I just noticed this topic cause i was searching for the morphs.I just realised that i know this guy and i remember him Scotty :) my friend ^^

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Mar 25, 2016 9:38am
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Glad to see you are not bumped out by it all Scotty. Sure got more patience with it all than I do. Keep at it, I'm sure you are helping a lot more people than you might think!

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Mar 25, 2016 2:29pm
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Nice to see that you aren't letting it get to you. There are still some of us out there who want advice. Im a newbie to Calisthenics and body weight fitness but that's the route i want to take.  I know different things work for different people so im not going to ask you for a way to do things. I'd just like a general method to keep getting stronger with Calisthenics without a plateu. That's where i am right now. Thanks bro!


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