Any runners?

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Jun 7, 2015 4:55pm
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I run 7 miles every two days. But u feel Like i walk more than I run. I see other runners out there who just seem to keep going. I keep telling myself to do what they are doing but I end up walking after a minute. How do u guys stay motivated out there? What makes u keep going? Help me

08 Jun
Well I don't know about other runners but I stick to what I can handle, I push myself a little farther everyday. Its not good to over work yourself, it's also good to stretch before and after every run.
08 Jun
Thanks. I don't really stretch I just start running. And I can't even be running for one minute before I stop telling myself that I'm tired. All my 'runs' turn into looong walks
08 Jun
Thats how I started to. Try a warm up 5 minute walk then jog for 90 seconds then repeat. Eventually you'll get used to it and have to extend the time but that's a great way to start out! Also listening to music helps as well.
08 Jun
Oh Yea I listen to music. But I'll try the stretching and warming up. Hopefully this helps.
08 Jun
If you need anymore help let me know, I'll gladly help. I'm always trying out new ways to improve my endurance!
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Jun 8, 2015 1:27pm
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I am working my way back into running. It's amazing how 6 months of in activity severely diminishes any progress  you made !! It feels as though I'm starting from square one.
08 Jun
Another thing to help get up your endurance is doing short sprints. You only have to do like 3 50 feet sprints twice a day and after a month or so it will become easier for you to run longer.
08 Jun
Thank you:) I'm running tomorrow morning I'll start then with this after warming up.
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Jun 8, 2015 10:38pm

How fast do you run? If you run every second day, you should be able to run longer. Maybe you start much too fast. Why do you start walking? Are you out of breath, do you get any pain or are you just not in mood? Why do you run - what is your goal?

08 Jun
I have a tracker app that records how I run. The last time I ran 7 miles. It says my speed was 3.5 mph and that was over the course of two hrs. I ran every third day. Im not really out of breath when I stop. Ill start telling myself that my legs tired or something and end up stopping. I'll say I'll walk for a minute but that turns into 15 minutes. Sometimes I'll start thinking about something and I'll forget I'm running so when I snap back. I realize I've ran a long way. But right away...
09 Jun
It's not too fats, so it really seems it's a mind problem. Do you think you "have to" run though you don't like it? Maybe you get bored, what if you run l(ittle) faster or even just do an interval training? Listen to some fast music, songs you love and and which have a good rhythm. Run for 30min and don't stop or walk - if your mind says "I'm tired, just walk a min" say "No, I run for 5 more minutes"