Help. Lacking in motivation and consistency

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Jun 8, 2015 2:42am
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Well as the title says I have Lil motivation and I struggle in being consistent with being healthy and exercising. I am in my early 20's, my height is 5'6, I weigh 162 and my goal weight would be around 140. Everyday i want to go and exercise but I always put it off till later or tomorrow, because I'll have no energy or don't feel like it. If I do exercise and I don't see the results that I'm looking for, I quickly get discouraged and don't want to keep going. I also have a terrible sweet tooth, and I tend to do a lot of emotional eating :/ and lately this has been getting out of hand and I don't want to gain anymore weight. If someone could please offer me some encouraging words to keep going and some tips on how to control my eating, it would be greatly appreciated.

08 Jun
Do yoga...well results do not come so easily.u have to be wull help u out with yr situation.
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Jun 8, 2015 2:24pm

Ah my favorite chicken/egg situation! When you work out you get energy but you need energy to work out!

Here's the best advice I can give: pick a day (maybe today?) and just do it!! Working out is personal, I can't MAKE you get up and workout, even if I TELL you to do it, the only person who can make the decision to workout today is YOU. 

Things that help:

1. Look on the forums, join a challenge and commit to it!!

2. Sign up for a program and schedule your workouts

As far as eating, that's another personal choice. I got rid of all the junk in my house (well almost all, nothing could make me throw out my nutella or oreos). Try giving up one thing at a time instead of going completely cold turkey. My first thing was pop.

It's the little steps that lead up to a big change: a daily challenge and no more cookies can lead to 30 minute workouts and clean eating! Just take it a step at a time you'll get there I'm sure!

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Jun 8, 2015 3:01pm
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Alexis, I did the Whole30 program, which gave me the energy I needed to exercise.  Unfortunately, sugar is your worst enemy, so if you can find a friend that would support you and do the program with you, you are likely to succeed.  Set a simple goal, you can do it!