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Jun 8, 2015 9:04pm
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Well y'all sweat a lot no denying that; but which deodorant do you guys ladies wear? I have really sensitive skin so right now I'm using an Avon roll on unscented. The thing is I feel I always smell like I sweat a lot my clothes smell won't go away I usually wash it 2 x and hang out in the sun hoping the smell will stop. I've tried dove sensitive all the degree secret and otc deodorant. So I'm just kinda looking around seeing if anyone else has those same issues. What do u guys do? I shower and scrub really hard everything my armpits are scrubbed till red or worse but when I step out I still smell it's getting embarrassing.

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Jun 8, 2015 10:18pm
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Dove works the best. Mitchum does not work and gets hard. Also any Power gel makes your armpits stick.

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Jun 9, 2015 4:57am
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Could be something you're eating that affects your body chemistry...

Could be an interaction between your chemistry and your body soap or detergent.

It is actually your body or is it your body plus your clothes? I have off and on problems with various things like my washing machine/dryer, or certain items of clothing made from very synthetic fabrics, or when the humidity is really high my line hanging stuff doesn't dry fast enough...   So some days when I put something on i can tell that my body is activating the smell in the clothing.

Try a splash of vinegar in your wash if it's your clothes. You might try changing detergent.

You say you hang the wash in the sun but does that mean outside? If not, you may need to get a little fan to blow on your drying clothes. This can make a big difference in indoor dried clothing.

09 Jun
Yes I meant outside in the sun. Why do we smell so much it freaks me out not until now have I smelled it's embarrassing but I'll find something.. something has to work