I need motivation!!!

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Jun 14, 2015 10:45pm
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I can't stay motivated! I keep forgetting to workout and my weight is going up! Please help motivate me! Thanks
15 Jun
Hahah some times i feel the same, but.... then i think i can look better and that keeps me motivated, even watch your body changing.....
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Jun 15, 2015 1:10am

Here are tips to help motivate you.

  1. Treat excersises like appointments.
  2. Specify a day and time for your workouts.
  3. No time today (or all of next week) for exercise? During harried days, blend moments of exercise into your daily schedule. Park at the far side of parking lots. Climb stairs instead of taking elevators. Walk while you talk on the phone. If you have five minutes, get moving!
  4.  Buddy system, Social support is really important workout with frineds, family, join a team, or follow people who do workouts regualary on Skimble. 
  5. Set goals ex: ( running a marathon, losing five pounds, no soda)
  6. Don't think about excercise while excercising.
  7. Have fun with your workouts ex: ( hiking, zumba, or running with a dog)
  8. Check yourself by asking  “Do I still like what I’m doing?”

  that's all from me have fun and good luck!!!