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Jun 20, 2015 11:40pm
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Looking for a motivation partner. My husband could care less. He says I look great "for having four kids". I'm getting tired of hearing that. I want him to think I look great regardless. I know I'll never look how I did when we met at 17, but I miss the way he used to look at me and if I can get that back I want to try. The problem is that I spend all my time taking care of other people that when I have some time to myself I'm too mentally exhausted to want to do more than read a book or play a video game with my hubby. I need someone to kick me in the rear and be tough on me because no one else cares.

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Jun 21, 2015 12:06am
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I'm a mama of two and let me tell you, it IS possible to get back to the way you were. Maybe not 100% because let's face it, everyone gets older and things just change.
I use to not even think of working put but when I had my second child, that all changed. I was so lazy and I just grew to hate my belly. Kind of silly when I think of it now because I grew a child! I should be happy with that. But there's a difference in knowing you've had a child and actually wanting to be fit for your family. I now workout whenever. Whether it's doing random calf raises or lateral leg lifts while cooking dinner, or doing a more intense workout while watching tv.
Don't give yourself the room to be lazy.
There are some days you're gonna wake up and be like "I can't do this." Take "Can't" put of your vocabulary and replace it with "I CAN". Then just follow through.
You'll eventually start to see those results you want and then you won't want to stop (:

Hope this helps!

21 Jun
Thank you so much. After reading this and a post about motivation by Heiko I realized I'm going to need to want this for myself and not just for my husband. On my least motivated days I've been telling myself, "Well, he doesn't care. Why should I?" What a horrible mindset to have. You look amazing by the way! I want to get there. It just seems so far away. Did you set long term goals for yourself or short term goals? I really need to get myself focused.
21 Jun
You're welcome! And yes, do it for YOU first. Everyone else will fall in. As for my goals, I just figured out what I wanted and went for it. The community here is amazing and I would not have gotten there as quick as I have without their much needed guidance! I'm still learning but I'm progressing further than I was when I didn't have the help.
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Jun 21, 2015 12:22am
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Your man sounds like mine...and the funny thing is I'm fat (in my mind) and he still tells me I'm beautiful. I also have kids (3) and is tired of the way my body looks now. My motivation is getting back to or damn near close to the body I once had...just know I believe in you

21 Jun
Yeah. That sounds just like my husband! I think it helps and hurts knowing he only ever has eyes for me. I think if he even once looked at another girl in front of me that would be the push I need, but in all seriousness I have GOT TO stop making excuses and do this already. It's time to take control of my own destiny. Thanks for the support! We can do this :)
21 Jun
I have 2 kids as well. Hard work, dedication, and inner strength. I motivated myself. But I am willing to help anyway I can, I will. I've coached a few others.
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Jun 21, 2015 1:06am
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Guy's perspective. ..  I used to to tell my my wife the same thing.  "You look great for having two kids." "I think you're beautiful the way you are." She joined a bootcamp. She started working out and getting in shape on her own. This surrounded her with like minded people and got her into a routine. I noticed she was happy and healthy. I also noticed she started looking great. This made me take a look in the mirror and realize I told her those things because I was being lazy and those were just the easiest answers so I didn't have to get back in shape. 5 years ago I joined the bootcamp with her and we lost a total of  40 lbs a peice. Now when my wife complains about weight, I just tell her to suck it up and get to work. In my defense, she says the same thing to me when I complain. I think that if you stick with it and work towards your goals, he'll either jump on board with you, or you'll feel so great you'll be happy. Either way your hard work pays off.


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