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Jul 2, 2015 12:40am
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I recently started overnights again, stocking. And I move soo much. And basically go home and sleep till I have to work again..
I haven't been exercising since after April. Anyone want to help me find a routine to help fit into my tired schedule.. I've gained all my weight back, and feel so stressed..

02 Jul
Use it to your advantage at work. While stocking you can do plenty of calf raises, squats, a deadlift or two, a few presses. Wall sit here or there on breaks, or walk a few laps around the building on lunch or a "smoke break". Where there's a will there's a way
03 Jul
I do plenty of calf rises, squats, walking(for sure), heavy lifting of at least 50 lbs. By myself some nights. Watch what I eat. Since I usually only eat about 2 meals a day. Drink lots of water. But I guess the stress it puts on me, doesn't help. I even do yoga when I get home to relax..
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Jul 2, 2015 4:24pm
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Well I think you do enough exercise while working. But find some time of to do something else. Also do calming yoga

03 Jul
I do yoga, but work stresses me out a lot. So sometimes that doesn't even help. My managers are a pain sometimes. But other times it helps, and I've been walking more when I get home. Was going to the gym a few days a week before I got to overnights, and do plenty it seems at work. But I also only eat not even 2 meals a day.
03 Jul
Just focus on getting sleep. To me it seems like u really already work your butt off. That counts as exercise. You should also find time for yourself. Just to forget about all that. But get sleep and drink water. You don't have to have 3 meals if you're so busy. You can snack healthy maybe like 6 times while working. Just grab something energizing to snack on. But you definitely need time for yourself some days.
04 Jul
I have 2 free days on my days off. But that's when I stay up to be with friends and barely sleep. Didn't think about the 6 meals thing, thank you! That might actually work. (:

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