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Jul 8, 2015 12:09am
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Finally, I have my surgery date set for next Tuesday, July 14th. From which point I have a 10 week recovery period before I may be cleared to start lifting again.

I'll be using this thread to track my progress throughout this time.

Not for you, but for myself.
Not for the attention, or the approval. Not even for the much appreciated support and encouragement.

I'll be tracking my progress, my thoughts, my failures, my pain, struggles and results here as a journal for myself mostly, and for any and everyone who has ever been seriously injured, or told they can't, or they won't.

I'm doing it to remind you that #NoMatterWhat, clenching your teeth, putting your shoulder to the wheel, keeping focused and showing your grit...anything is possible for you to accomplish.

It may take months to a year's time, but I will get back to the weight I pushed before and beyond. I'm going to be training harder and smarter than I ever have before.

10 weeks. And I'm kicking the lock off the cage. The #Beast is coming back.

#beastmodecamp #CampLife #earnit #NoMatterWhat #Lift

08 Jul
I can't wait to follow your success! It's going to be an epic tale!
08 Jul
We are here to support you DJ! :)
08 Jul
U got my support bro
08 Jul
I support you D.J all the way! BTW that's why I do my journal, I don't go for likes or how many followers I have or etc. I go all the way for my results! Looking forward to following you on your journey and good luck with surgery and recovery! Don't rush back, come back stronger, healthier and your same old smart a**
08 Jul
Thank you dearly my friends and family. And Dawna, I am in complete agreement with you.
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Jul 8, 2015 3:00am
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I've decided to break down my workouts into 4 phases that will cover roughly 8 months.

Technically 5 phases.

Post op-
Keeping my pain in mind and being sure not to re injure or aggravate the surgery sight I'm going to attempt as much walking and light aerobic exercise as the doctor's will allow for the 10 week period of recovery.
Then the fun begins:

Phase 1- "Prime"- 4 weeks
I'm going to attempt to ease back into things starting with higher rep (8 - 12),  light weight, slow tempo exercises; which I've already begun to create and test, focusing on form. It is here I will being to prime the muscle and build their endurance.

Phase 2- "Beta"- 6 weeks
I'll be focused more on strength building during these weeks, using slow tempo eccentrics and heavier weight. I'll also be using a lower, 6 - 10 rep count for these exercises that will be created in the future; based on my progress from phase 1.

Phase 3- "Alpha" - 6 weeks
If all goes well, during these next six weeks I'll be turning focus back to hypertrophy and progressive overload. I'll utilize cluster sets of 3's here with 5 - 10 rep counts. Incremental weight increases will be used week to week depending on progress. I don't want to move too fast too soon. There's nothing to prove here.

Phase 4- #BeastMode - 8 weeks
By this time I'm hoping to be back at full strength again. There will be no rep counts during these 2 months; instead I will again utilize failure training. Instead of increasing my weights through this phase, instead I will maintain roughly the high weights from phase 3, and increase the number of sets every 2 weeks. Depending. 3 sets, 5 sets, 8 sets, finishing at 10 sets.

This format will span from July 14th, until about May of 2016.

And so the mental preparation and research begins, and continues.

08 Jul
Well laid out goal, with determination and focus. You'll nail it! Just stay away from those meat lovers pizza pies
08 Jul
I make no promises there
08 Jul
I like it!! Just a matter of time before you can start chiseling away again
08 Jul
Right about that brother. Thank you.
10 Jul
Drawing the map is a thick ole chunk of the battle. Cheers, my friend. You've so got this.
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Jul 9, 2015 1:08am
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Nothing is ever easy is it? Everytime you think you're over one hurdle there's another and another. Some two at a damn time.

It's not just pain in the body. The mind feels the pain; feels the stress same as the body. It trys and trys to hold me down. Hold me back.

F..k it though. F..k pain, I've begun to welcome the pain. It cannot and it will not stop me. I will not go quietly, I will go kicking and screaming.

It's not just about this weak ass hernia surgery, man its life. Life will try and pull it every card, but I refuse! I refuse to lay down and except what they tell me.
I refuse to sulk my head and let them defeat me.
I refuse to be satisfied.
I refuse to allow my limitations to be set by fear, to allow my hands to be tied by angst, hatred, vindication against me.
Doubters, nay sayers...pain.
F..k you pain. F..k you struggle. F..k you defeat. Trials, turmoil, hardships and the gym, in my life, in my head, in my heart F..k you. I will not stand down. I will not be defeated.

09 Jul
Nicely put as we all have struggles, its how you deal with i! Either it wins or you do! I say this to myself, but not in those
09 Jul
Thanks Dawna exactly right. I'm so sick and tired of people crying about the littlest things. Finding every sideways excuse and seeking pity. So easily ready to quit. I have no pity for these souls. Only those whom have first made it up in their own minds first that they have a goal and nothing or no one is going to stop that. Those are the people I will continue to push. Too much time has been wasted on the weak. The weak of mind.
09 Jul
Good for you D.J, guess what your time is valuable too, the ones who scream wolf are usually the ones who give up......unfortunately! They blame everything or everyone else, sometimes there problem is staring right at them! Good for you! ;-)
09 Jul
Hey brother I had hernia repair back in Feb. Yeah it was a long wait to get back to workouts...for me it was cycling and karate. But do the walking man. I did a lot of that at first. Totally kept me sane!!
09 Jul
Thanks Jason, I truly appreciate it.
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Jul 10, 2015 4:24am
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I'm not a very religious guy by any means, and that's a whole different story for a whole different day.

But I keep going back to thinking about the story of Peter on the boat. The whole walking on water thing.

Short version is that there was a storm and all the folks on the boat where getting nervous cause they were lost. Then, they see this dark figure walking towards them on the water and they ran off and hid. Well eventually Peter,  who's name translates to "rock", came out and spoke to the figure saying , "lord of its you, bid me to come".
Peter stepped out on the water and started walking on it and as long as he was focused, he was fine; it was when he took his eyes from his goal he began to sink.

I feel that way sometimes. I know what i have to do. I know what it's going to take to get there. Yet with every step, there's that voice: "what are you doing?" "This isn't going to work" "just quit. Look at all the other stuff you can do" " give up".
I've seriously had to did deep into my resolve to tell that voice to shut the f..k up and sit down, I'm focusing.
4 days away and I'm getting anxious. There's no telling what other forces are going to try and roadblock me in the coming weeks. I feel them coming, gathering.

My grandfather told me years ago, before he died he said, "prepare for war, in times of peace."

I'm ready. I'm ready. I've said it before it's a test. It's always a test. How bad to you want to achieve? How bad to you want to succeed? To transend, to persevere?
These past few months fell as though I've awkened for the first time plunged into the black and white until colors form and the world becomes so much more clear.

This is going to be a battle. A fight of will, of grit. Of iron determination and an impenetrable resolve. My weapons are ready.
I'm ready to do this shit.

15 Aug
So inspiring and relatable due to determination and dedication to pursue medicine.... Awesome post..needed to read
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Jul 14, 2015 12:45am
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I was ask, how do I do it? I'm having surgery in a few hours and yet, I have already planned out every step after. How can I be so optimistic?

To tell the truth, it isn't easy. At all.

I often have to be reminded. And I'm thankful for those reminders. When I'm reminded,  it's then I'm rekindled.
It's then I remember what magic I have.

Every form of spiritual creation you've been taught has some form of the lyric "god breathed his breath of life into man".
His power breath of life, this all powerful entity of creation, made man from dirt, from nothing and blew his power into that man's nostrils...
Says to me that each of us has that power of creation within us through the will and strength of our mind.

Everything is impossible until it's done. From splitting the atom, why back to man's first flight. Sailing from ocean to ocean, or building the great pyramids. Nothing is unattainable.

I remain optimistic because of my remembrance of the power I have to mental focus over nearly any situation...see the outcome I want, and go for it!

It's not easy. Damnit it's pretty hard actually to remain consistent, but once you've trained your mind first, to establish what it is you want; what's in your power to command it. You believe in it. You own it.

And accept nothing less than every ounce and fiber of your being to achieve it.

That's how it's done. Once it's been conceived in the mind, the body only needs to catch up.

15 Jul
Good luck with everything, DJ!
20 Jul
Hey, thanks Ashley
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Jul 14, 2015 1:21am
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Its now the 14 the, my time. You're going in today. All the best DJ. You've got your plan of attack. You've got your will power and determination to undergo, to heal, to repair, to build and to better. In an American word, you've got this. All the best mate. God bless you.

14 Jul
Thank you Brother!
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Jul 14, 2015 2:23am
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Good luck on your surgery and have a speedy recovery D.J

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Jul 15, 2015 5:07pm
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Yesterday felt like the longest day ever. It's all said and done and surgery is finished. Finally.
Although I feel like I've gotten my ass handed to me, I've got my work cut out for me as the road begins. I'm thankful for all the good vibrations sent out yesterday...they were certainly needed and felt.

Day 1.

16 Jul
Take your time D.J, we're not going anywhere! Happy recovery! :-)
20 Jul
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Jul 17, 2015 12:33am
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Today has been a tough one. I've been confused and going through dizzy spells as I ween off of the pain meds. Don't like them,  don't want them. It's hard to really get in the food I need when the meds just make me nauseous and not want to eat.
Tried to make it out at least to the mail box today, bur I suppose the front door will have to do.
Every day a step further. No need to rush, but I'm sure not going to become lazy.

Day 2.

17 Jul
It takes time D.J don't rush the recovery! After surgery is so important to get rest! Get better soon! :-)
17 Jul
Take your time. I agree that sometimes medication is worse than pain....forme was the muscle relaxant I hated...nauseous, pression in the eyes, incapable of any move without the feeling to be teared apart....but once I get over the medication time, the motivation was bigger than ever to workout. You won't become a lazy guy, you will become even more energetic after this. Good recovery beasty:-)
17 Jul
I will D :-). I don't spend all day trying to get out the door lol. I'll have maybe 10 minutes of "up time" per day where I'll test it a little further
17 Jul
Thanks hypno
17 Jul
That sounds completely fcked up!! It's only the second day though. Watch some movies, chill for a couple of days and try again. (I say that but I'd be exactly the same!)
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Jul 18, 2015 4:51am
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Took it pretty easy today:
Finally took off those damn bandages and had a shower. Then my mom brought my youngest over after they had a day together.  She said she was excited that the "doctor fixed daddy up. So now I can pick her up again". It was pretty cool. Dangerous to be around her for long though concidering how much she makes me laugh.
That was about my highlight. Decent day not much activity. Gotta figure out a way to solve this back pain though. Ah well. Enough bitching from me. Tomorrow is a good day, and I'm going to take my ass outside for a little sun. One should always have at least 15 minutes of sun exposure per day. It's science!
Enjoy your day/night folks

Day 3

18 Jul
Kids can always make me laugh too. And yes, tomorrow will be great
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Jul 18, 2015 1:40pm
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Goodonya mate. Little by little. Hang in there.

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Jul 19, 2015 3:16am
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One thing I think I'm learning most through all of this is patience.  I'm a very patient man, except for when it comes to myself. Again I've been learning. Every step, literally, has its purpose...and I'm learning to not stress over certain factors I have no immediate control of. Patience will be the overall lesson in this journey. Patience in the will to continue, patience in the drive to move forward, patience in the reap of reward. Patience in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Today was a very awakening day.
Also I made it out 95 steps from my bed, outside to my post box and back. One mission complete. In a few days I'll start preparing for the end of the street. We'll get there. Haha.

Mom also came by again and we sat an talked about family times. About how the majority of our blood line lived until their late 9o's even a few til 100 and past. We talked about the health issues that many have faced and STILL overcame them. My aunt who lived 26 past her life expectancy with lupus. Other member who suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks,  yet fought well into their 90's. Just that, "f..k you adversity, try me" that runs in our blood. Felt good to hear. Felt good to sit and talk with her about things from our individual  childhoods.

There is nothing I cannot overcome.

Day 4.

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Jul 20, 2015 2:30am
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Stuck to the plan today and forced myself to rest and to sleep. Spent a good part of the day reading, and took a good ol REM inducing nap.
Basically...I hated it.
Again, patience is my learning curve, and every day has been a test.

Tomorrow I'll try again to spend the day gathering strength. Not doing anything is harder than trying to do something.
And I'm barely through the first week of 10. This is going to get interesting.

Day 5.

21 Jul
You've got this brother! It's hard when injury knocks us down, but the patience is what will lift you up in the middle to get you to the beginning of the end.
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Jul 23, 2015 5:56am
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I've been following my doctor's recommendations and taking it easy, keeping movement and all of those things to a minimum.
Still been having some serious pain that I shouldn't still have after a week of surgery. I just left the hospital,  turns out to be a hematoma underneath the staples.
This suuuuucks. More not doing anything. I can't wait until this is over.

23 Jul
23 Jul
Sorry for you!!!
25 Jul
In no time all of this will be behind you! Rest and get well soon! ;-)
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Jul 31, 2015 1:39am
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Calling The #Beast
Path Of The #Beast
ROLLING With My FOAMIE !!!  [ Neck/Back Pain Relief By Foamroller ] ☆HS
Circle Flow *E
#Rack PT

Staples were removed yesterday and I was cleared to walk as much as I would like/can handle, and for light stretching. Taking full advantage I walked/ran a little over a long mile, then finished up with a little foam rolling and Yoga. It's been a day for sure. I'm proud to be back on the I path to becoming stronger, faster, and better than ever before...a little wiser an a whole lot more hungry.
Ready  to feed me moorrre! #beastmodecamp! ! #CampLife #earnit

31 Jul
Are foam rollers really that awesome? Is it something I should put on my fitness wishlist? Also, I'm loving this chronicle of your success, I have no doubt you'll be smashing it at the gym soon enough
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Aug 18, 2015 3:57am
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Well...I'm back. I've worked my way up to jogging /walking at least 4 miles a day. I've switched that now to a program that's helping me to increase my endurance to run for a constant 2 - 4 miles at increasing intervals. So far so good. I feel adding more cardio and Yoga to my daily diet will help of course with circulation and flexibility...two little spoken of factors in muscle growth and repair.

I've also been slowly (hehe) returning to my strength routines, attempting to help my muscles remember what pain feels like using body weight before the 31st.

That's when I'm 100% cleared by the doctors...and that my dear brothers and sisters, is when the real fun begins.

#beastmodecamp #CampLife #lordgains #inlovewiththeiron


18 Aug
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Aug 20, 2015 4:07am
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I'm getting there. It's so close I can taste it. A little less than two weeks now...the iron glorious iron. We will be reunited.
By all rights I'm healed enough I can start now. Yet, I'm testing my self. I have an unlimited amount of patience when it comes to other people. Myself, not so much. As a part of the re evolution of mine , I've obtained from the iron per doctors orders until after the 28th. Small steps in learning patience with myself.

I've felt a major shift within me these past few months. I've been able to really reflect and call upon other tools to cope, to inspire,  and to get through all of this. mind.  It feels as though I've reached in a found an entirely new realm of my own being. A new energy,  a new life force. Since its discovery and I've been able to recognize it, Everything in my life has begin to change, re arrange and line up accordingly. All for the better might I add.

You're never to old ton learn folks. To change. To grow. To be new. Isn't that why we're all here? Who you were does not dictate whom you can become.

Now square up and lift something.

Stay humble, stay hungry,  and always remain the hardest working out there.

#beastmodecamp #CampLife #earnit

20 Aug
Beautiful and strong post. Thank you for sharing DJ. I'm sure it will help and inspire many.
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Aug 21, 2015 4:47pm

I suggested this post to a few people, bumping up so they can find it! :-) 

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Aug 21, 2015 4:58pm
via iOS
Great post and very needed right now! If I may ask- what was your surgery for? 
21 Aug
I had an inguinal hernia repair. It was supposed to be a simple mesh fix, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated than that and sutures were used inside, instead.
21 Aug
Wow looks like you had quite a journey. Puts my injury in perspective for sure. Right now I am looking at it as a reset button and it is okay. Thanks for sharing.
21 Aug
It's no problem to share. I've said before; to be healthy is to "heal-thy". Heal thyself, and heal thy neighbor. Injuries and other "unfortunate events" are miracle blessings that force us to put things in perspective and to use other parts of ourselves to further grow and expand in this world. The spirit is energy, and energy can not be destroyed. Take this time of injury to delve into other aspects of your being and strengthen those. Then, once you're healed physically, your mental, emotional, and spiritual health we be so strong, that bringing you physical body to its rightful...
21 Aug
So awesome and very true. Keep it going and share the journey. We are all watching and listening :)
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Aug 30, 2015 4:50am
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Ok #Beast
So you're back full swing ehh.  Well my brother I challenge you to some fun you have missed. Enjoy!

Mommy Has Muscles - But Daddy Has Guns [JY]
Plank Or Die 2.0
#BeastMode Iso June Challenge- Upper Body
#BeastMode Iso June Challenge - Core Alt
# Beastmode Squat Challenge Friend


30 Aug
I will answer this challenge. Thank you, my Brother.
30 Aug
You've been dying to do this for ages J. Admit
30 Aug
Yes hadi. But I gave the man fair warning
30 Aug
That you
06 Sep
Man, with friends like Jovon who needs enemies, those are some great picks!
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Sep 6, 2015 7:25pm
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First week done and in the bag. It amazed me how 2 1/2 - 3 months of sitting around hardly eating and when I could, eating crap could do to a person. Highly not recommended.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me going forward.
Diet has been cleaned up (although SOMEONE feels they could make it better. >_> ) sticking to about 420(lol) carbs, 240 protein and 65g of fat...more or less, I'd have to double check.

It's an uphill climb putting the weight back on and building the strength back. Yet, I'm ready and prepared for it. One step at a time and having faith in the process it's going to be.

#CampLife#earnit #NoMatterWhat


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