Working My Butt Off

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Jul 10, 2015 10:55am
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Been bumping up my motivation into losing weight.
I have gone to the gym, I don't count reps. I just go do everything I can, and sweat like crazy. I go 2 hours almost every day. I've gotten Down to drinking almost 8 glasses of water, still working on this. NO SODA OR JUICE AT ALL! (: I have portioned my meals and eat more fruits and vegetables. Working overnights, I have the advantage of exercising while stocking shelves. (When I started overnights again, I gained all my weight back) I am back down 4 lbs. I feel healthier, my mood is getting better and overall, my body will be what I want it to be.
I hate to give up and restart and give up to restart.. I'm in it to be happy, be healthy, and love myself. I'm going to get out of the 200's. And be proud that I worked my Butt off, and no one can take that away. ♡

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Jul 10, 2015 11:27am
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I know the feeling and you can do it! 6 years ago I lost 90lbs in 9 months and got out of the 200's. The past two years I've given birth twice and put on all the weight. Now I'm having a hard time getting it off again. Every time I mess up and put weight back on I have to lose it again. What if I stopped putting it back on and just lost lost lost! I'd be out of the 200's much faster. :) I'm down 13 lbs at 250 right now so I have a long way to get back to 199, but fingers crossed for both of us that we can stay motivated and do it!

10 Jul
I weighed 256 lbs this April, started working out. Went down to 245 lbs. In may. But May 16th, I started overnights. Was stress eating. St rated my exercises back up, changed what I eat. And went from 255 lbs. To 248 lbs. (: I wish you luck! I have no kids yet, so I'm wanting to get my body healthy for that day when it happens. (: