Ugh. I can't believe I just did this.

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Jul 18, 2015 1:02am
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I just ate a peice of pizza
I know you have to give yourself a break every once and a while but I JUST started this week.

How can I resist all the junk food around me? I live with 2 guys who eat so unhealthy yet never gain's very hard not to give into temptation...

18 Jul
Its normal, it happens to everyone. If you fall down, you get up. Don't keep lying there wondering what you just did. Just try again.
18 Jul
Totally agree with Anita! Don't beat yourself up over it, just get back on the band wagon! You can do it! :-)
18 Jul
Thanks girls~
18 Jul
Don't worry- today I had a burger, fries and ice cream:) I'm not the best at sticking to a diet but I don't think that it's really had much of a negative effect on my results. I'm not saying I don't eat healthy; I do most of the time but days like this sometimes I cheat. Point is, if you eat healthy most of the time and workout regularity, you'll still see those results coming in!
18 Jul