Belly Fat?!

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Jul 18, 2015 6:08pm
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What's the quickest to loose belly fat and how? Spring is 3 months away and I need to loose 6cm? All feedback welcome

18 Jul
Count your intake, aim at a deficit of 10-20% by eating less and clean and doing workouts (building muscles and a lot of cardio)
23 Jul
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Jul 23, 2015 5:30am
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Like Matthias said be calorie deficit but also try to eat foods high in protein as those help burn fat most likely beef type foods like a steak or sirloin burger (most beefs with high proteins and low fats) as they will have amino acids to help burn more but if you can try to find beef that you can cook yourself because resteraunts typically have slightly more fatty types of beef,foods low in fat are also a thing to watch for,and try not to cut carbs completely try to eat carbs for 0.9 or 1 pound of carb grams per body weight pound,and for fats try to keep it at a minimum of 0.8 grams of fat per body weight pound,sugars also should be watched out for for example watermelon,also try to keep sodium (salt) low in your diet but not to low,and also if your going to eat fats eat them from nuts like almonds walnuts as they are the "healthy fats" and fiber too in vegetables or a cereal called go lean it's made by kasshie but get the one that doesn't have anything added like cinnamon or anything it just says go lean on it and kasshie at the top in the middle it also is a good source of protein.I think that should be pretty much it so good luck!