Let's change

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Jul 20, 2015 7:08am
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Hey.. You!!
Do u want change.. ?!!
Do u want make your body?!?
Do u want change your life?!?
Do u want to be better.. Healthy.. Sport man..??
Do you want to make your life...?!
Why you cant do it?!
You are strong
You have enough energy to do it.. To make it..
Don't stay and watch..
Dont say i will i will.. No lets go now?
Lets change to be a new person..
U can do it

20 Jul
Good motivation :)
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Jul 20, 2015 6:26pm
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Damm bro how can i get your body do i have to inject a lot of gh?

20 Jul
Don't worry bro... You can do it.. You can make it... You can make body better than me... Step by step... Do your work out.. Train hard.. Eat healthy food.. And u will make it... Believe your self
20 Jul
Thanks bro ill try
20 Jul
Okay bro.. Good luck..
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Jul 20, 2015 7:20pm

To resume 150 pages of a educational book i like prety much, lets in order that you have to BEGIN and follow Thoses steps in order before ALL other things.


1. Change your nutrition...keep it optimal

2. Do Metabolic Conditioning a lot. ( The heart is what provide your muscles of what they need)

3. Gymnastics or (Bodyweight) if you prefer.

4. Weight Lifting

5. Do Sports


Beggin with the MECHANICS of the movements, get CONSISTANT, then don't stop adding INTENSITY.


FUNCTIONAL or ( Multi-joints ) MOVEMENTS are good to developp the neuro-muscular system.

VARIATE your workouts through many type of exercises or MODAL DOMAINS.


I did not invented it... it's a model proven for almost 30 years.


It's my basis... How Much i improved my fitness in a short period of time with that. 




20 Jul
There's many ways to get on board... get your's but BE CONSISTANT. It's different for every one...