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Jul 25, 2015 3:37pm
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So I used to be a student athlete until University came and I stopped playing competitively. I've bounced from one sport to another never really staying in shape or sticking to my activities for a long time.
It is sometimes hard to get back into a program or into a sport when you can't do what you think you can
Any suggestions?

26 Jul
Just try the workouts to the best of your ability even if you can't do them 100% properly. I started doing some programs here 5 months ago and I struggled through them. After pushing and struggling exercises got easier and easier to the point I now have no problems with the exercises and can workout alot longer. Just push through your self doubts and the results will come. As your weight drops and your body gets in shape you will feel more energized where working out becomes less of a chore and more fun. Good luck :)
26 Jul
For how long have you been inactive? I believe that if you haven't been a way for too long your body can bounce back pretty quick since you were an athlete before. Muscle memory should help with that. Go get to work, and good luck.