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Jul 27, 2015 9:35pm
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Currently struggling with binge eating.
Every day it is the same and I am really motivated to eat healthy and do my workout and stuff but I always end up binging. It's terrible and it makes me feel sick and disgusting.
Anyone tips or experiences? I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to loose a few pounds and build muscles but it's not possible for me. I'm desperate

27 Jul
Do you count your calories? It helped me a lot with staying on track. You don't have to necessarily reduce your intake from day one. Only writing it all down (e.g. in one of ghe many apps out there) makes you aware of what you eat and little by little makes you getting it cut down to a healthy level. But once again (I think I wrote it already): you look slim, from an objective poing of view you don't need to lose weight!
28 Jul
Worried I'd binge if I ate more than two or three meals a day, I resisted trying 6 small meals. That system worked for a daughter and my mom. I finally tried it, and since I wasn't hungry at main meals, and reserve calories for the evening, it finally got under control. I keep 7 almonds or a similar small snack, and eat the snack in tiny bites. It helped me relearn how to approach food. Recently there was a report that it doesn't matter when you eat, it's the total calories for the day. So I don't worry if...
29 Jul
It's that I am struggling with mental health issues and that my binge eating doesn't have anything to do with hunger or the real need to eat. It's all about the inner pressure and stuff. I already know that it's unhealthy and I am trying to track my intake. I really am trying! But thanks for all your tipps!
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Jul 27, 2015 11:58pm
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I used to do the same thing. What helped me is using some simple technology to curb bad eating habits. Grab a nutrition app (I use MyFitnessPal for Android) and set some goals. With diligence, these apps show you not only how much you are eating, but what is in that food as well. It surprised me initially how little I actually eat in a day. What did surprise me is how much sugars and bad fats I was taking in. I think it's OK to eat quite a bit of certain foods, as long as they are healthy and fall within your guidelines of your diet. But most of all the nutrition apps inadvertently made me eat breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of a huge lunch and huge dinner. Eating balanced in the morning, afternoon and night kills my hunger throughout the day.