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Jul 29, 2015 12:27am
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I need to lose a lot of weight

29 Jul
You can do it! It's hard, but if you really want to you'll make it happen. Good luck on your journey :-)
29 Jul
Meal plans, find one that fits you. record everything, sleep, water intake exercise etc. Put yourself around the people who have the results you want, we are products of our environments. Set small goals and reward yourself. Be realistic about your time frame. You'll find that best results come when you make lifestyle changes
29 Jul
Wow thank you both
29 Jul
You're very welcome :-) I know the struggle of starting and stopping so many times. But when you've made up your mind no one can change it. Also, do your own research and DO NOT compare your results to anyone else's. It's your journey and it's for you!