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Aug 2, 2015 9:00am
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I have noticed that a lot of people on here are beginning this month on a very positive note. People are using forums to track their progress, different teams are working together to achieve their goals, people are making commitments to push themselves further, and are spreading positivity. That is really amazing, and motivational.

I am really glad to see so much positivity here, and hope that we are able to maintain it. All the best to everyone for one's targets. Let's kill the workouts this month, and enjoy the journey.

02 Aug
Well said dear V! Let's kill it! August is going to be awesome!!! Y(^_^)Y
02 Aug
There's so much I want to do now and i don't know where to Start!!!
02 Aug
At the beginning Seriously, make a list and find what you need to concentrate or have been putting off first. For me it's the squats. ^^
02 Aug
Agree with you Hadi, it is going to be awesome indeed!! and hey Janna, ditto with Hadi, just decide on something, and start working on it. For ex., this month, I am gonna focus more on bar exercises( Chin ups/pull ups etc.), and my running ability..:-) Same way, you can also decide on what you want to work on more!!
02 Aug
I can agree more. This community is really enjoyable. Positivity, hard work outs, great challenges, knowledge&workouts sharing, great people and now teams are really helping us to get further our imaginary limits. Loooove it