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Aug 2, 2015 11:28pm
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Some time ago there was a man, whom upon reaching his 89th birthday, decided he had seen all that he cared to see in the world; he had done all he cared to do. He then decided he would build himself a cabin in the woods where he would live his remaining years in peace.

He set off from his home into the woods with his dog, his truck, and his ax.

Follow me here...

Up in the woods he started chopping down trees. For weeks and months, no one had seen or heard from the man. He sons were becoming increasingly worried; they were afriad the old man became senile and wondered off.

After some time and some searching , the man's eldest son, found his father deep in a clearing in the woods. Chopping away at a tree. He son ran to him and said, "Dad! What are you doing out here all alone, we were worried sick."
His father responded, "I know son, but I decided that this is where I wish to spend the rest of my years alive. So I've started to build myself a house. "

His son by this point was sure the old man had gone crazy. He said, "Dad, you're almost 90 years old. There's too much work involved to build this dream house of yours. Look at all these trees around you! You would have to clear this whole area, think of all the lumber you need to buy! Where would you get the money? Think dad! This is impossible for someone your age to do!"

The father thought for a while and finally looked up and said, "well son. When you look at it that way. I supposen you're right. But...look at it my way. See if first focus my strength and energy toward cutting down this one tree, I'll then be able to rest up before moving to the next. And soon, son, I'll have this area cleared out. And well, see that pile of trees I've layed down? Well there's my lumber to build my house. That's why I didn't care about anyone's opinion son. I came here on my own. Just to lay down one tree at a time."

03 Aug
One step at a time....
03 Aug
That's how to live life. Don't live in the past and don't look to far into the furture. Great story!
03 Aug
Here's what I learned from this Follow your dreams just don't sleep on them action is key step by step you will get closer and have patients anything is impossible if you doubt yourself. Awesome story!!
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Aug 8, 2015 5:35pm
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Stop rushing folks. That dream house/body/career/family takes time to build. Dedication,  perseverance, clarity of vision, and work!


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