200 pounds beauties Motivation Group!

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Aug 5, 2015 9:40am
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Hello, am looking for peoples who has the same goals as me to start a weight loss motivation support group under this thread? Anyone?

Current Weight: 210 pounds (95.4 kg)
Goal Weight: 120 pounds (54.5 kg)
Problem Faced: Lack of Motivation
Location: Singapore

Been trying all sorts of weightloss pills, supplements, slimming centres and still gained back the initial weight after stopping and more... Have decided to stick to the Nutrition & Fitness healthy weightloss ways and looking for motivation and friends to work hard together! :)

06 Aug
I'm with if you'd like. .I'm 200 lbs would like to be at 135 140
06 Aug
Cool! Lets motivate each other! Via here or?
06 Aug
Sure...it be great I lost a few pouds by juicing and gave up but I'm super ready..we can also txt
06 Aug
You got a mail in ur inbox! HAha i tried juicing but my stomach can't take it :(
06 Aug