Loss of grip?? forearm pain

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Aug 15, 2015 1:42pm
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about a month and a bit ago I began weightlifting properly with a routine ect, after a while started experiencing a slight pain in my left forearm which was dead annoying as it would interfere with my workout and weaken my grip till a point where I'd eventually have to let go but me being stubborn wouldn't stop till the set was done whether it got unbearable or not. I don't want to aggrivate it anymore and want to be able to carry on lifting weights as normal, what can I do to help it heal and will I have to stop all together for a while? also I think it has caused a muscle imbalance as my right forearm looks much more muscular, might that be my left being inflamed? any answers would be a big help
also could the cause be that I'd overdone it in the beginning but it hasn't done it to my right :/