Can't get motivated to do your best?

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Aug 21, 2015 9:27pm
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I know it's difficult to be determined about exercising and eating healthy. You are not alone. First let's get one thing straight, motivation and determination are not the same. Motivation is encouragement to begin a practice, where as determination is acting until your goal is achieved. Motivation and determination go together. You may be motivated to start exercising but are you determined to put in your all? If you do the movements just for peace of mind you might experience difficulty in staying on track. This is where determination comes in. Your determination pushes your limit.
I have always gotten the two confused. These past few months I've had as lot of things happen which made it hard to focus on my goals. Now I realize distractions are a part of life. No matter what, hone in on your motivation, such as a toned beach body, and determination, the encouragement to reach that goal, and one day you actually reach your goals! GOOD LUCK to everyone and I hope this helps motivate you!

21 Aug
Thank you very much I'm already motivated!! And I hope that reach your goal soon ;)