Military PT Readiness

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Aug 26, 2015 11:46pm
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Hey guys, I'm joining the Air Force and mu unit will not send me to school if I can't pass my 1st PT test in about 2 months. I had to lose 4 pounds to make weight and have been comfortably 12 pounds under for a while. I was in the Army years ago and know for a fact pushups are my arch nemesis. I have shapely arms but can't push my bod off the ground for crap. I love to workout in groups, but am not motivated by myself. Anybody wanna be my accountability partner? Anybody live in San Diego?

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Aug 27, 2015 10:31am
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The best way to get better at push ups is to do more push ups everyday. Here's what I do to prepare for a pt test. Several weeks before my upcoming event I will set an alarm on my phone once every hour or 2 and when the alarm goes off I stop what I'm doing and I will do a max rep set off push ups. Pretty soon I'm able to add more and more reps to my set. Plus the fact that you do them as fast as you can helps to meet the time requirements. Also it helps if you adjust your form. I do my push ups with my hands turned slightly out and my arms wide. You only need to break the parallel plane so with your arms wide it's a shorter distance you have to push plus it utilizes the larger muscles of the chest and biceps which means you can do more. Hopefully this help and good luck! Rock those push ups!