First day on School (Friends Reactions)

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Sep 11, 2015 1:43pm
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Well today was my first day on school again after the summer.The whole summer i was sweating,feeling pain,sometimes heavy depression.That was the hardest and most tough summer in my life.Cause i worked out with passion and dedication.I loved workout cause i saw my self changing.But i am never satisfied.First off all i wanna say a hot and warm 'THANKS BUDDY!' To Scotty K. Cause my body evolution is owned to him ^^.Now i am gonna talk for the how the first day on school was.
I woke up and i washed my face.I ate something and then i ride my bike to go to school.When i reached there i get into with the head up.For a life everyone was ignoring me.But this time everyone was staring on me.When i saw my friends the most of them didnt recognize me.When i came closer to them they goggle their eyes and they were staring with the mouth open.They told me 'Woow just woow.How much leaner you are?!That's like 10 Kilos loss' I was ready to reply to this girl 'Yes,you are close.It's 11 kilos loss!'All of them admired me.I felt...I cant describe how i felt...Just awesome and such redemption and hapiness.All this hard work was more worth that i thought.Nobody judged me untill today.Now i understand what i've done and what i achieved all these days of workout,dedication,strict and healthy nutrition.The highest level of Success is Hapiness people!If i can do it you can do it all of you!Just try it and feel what means to be healthy and feeling comfortable with your body everywhere! :) I know maybe its boring sometimes....Or you are gonna say i will do it tommorow.Change your life now!Time is precious!You Only Live Once!So live happy and healthy!That's the top good!Believe me!Life need risks.And the greatest risk of all....Is to don't have any risks at all!GO LIVE THIS AWESOME LIFE HAPPY!

11 Sep
WOOT WOOT!!!!!! KEEP HOLDING THAT HEAD UP HIGH YOUNG MAN! Nobody can ever take that feeling away from you. All I did was have you the suggestions, it was your blood sweat & tears that ripped that fat away from your body.. NEVER EVER forget your first day
11 Sep
I will Scotty :) Now i know how far my powers can reach if i believe.
11 Sep happy for u my friend that u feel this way wish u always to be like this and scott help to all of us with his progress so well done again
11 Sep
Awww that's awesome! I'm so happy for you and you're accomplishments! (:
11 Sep
Thank you so much ladies :) I wish you the best!And to everyone in this world! :) Be great and be happy!Cause that matters in life ^^
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Sep 12, 2015 4:11pm
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That is a very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it

12 Sep
My pleasure Pinky ^^ :) I hope i help everyone with my story.

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