What do yall think?

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Sep 16, 2015 4:10pm
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I am going to try the grapefruit and water diet...My friend lost a lot of weight doing this diet...

16 Sep
16 Sep
And is the weight staying off?
16 Sep
If it works for you great, but I'm thinking you both will have better long-term success sticking with a more traditional high quality balanced diet, but controlled intake approach.
16 Sep
She has kept the weight off...She didn't have a lot of weight to loose...I think its is for someone who just has to loose a little weight.....
18 Sep
Taye, the reason it works is because it is very low calorie. There is nothing really magical about the grapefruit or water. You will lose weight, but that will probably include muscle and water (not just fat). I agree with Michael, you would be better off with a good balanced diet and exercise program. Good Luck