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Sep 17, 2015 4:52pm
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Today and for the first time ever I wanna share a story with you guys. It explains to a certain portion who I am and why.

It happened on my hike today. 17,5km, 1200m difference in altitude. All forecasts were talking of a cloudy and partially sunny day with a little risk of rain in the afternoon (when I wanted to be back already) - which is why I started the tour.

The first 1 1/2 hours were good, nice path, moderately steep, nice to walk, not too challenging. Half way in the ascent the rain started all of a sudden. Little drops at first, then more and more. A rain good to wet you to skin in minutes. I thought for a few seconds: "Shall I break it off? It's not too nice to walk another 3hrs in rain." Then I said to myself: "Come on, you've set yourself a goal. That rain won't stop you." And I went on.

20 mins later and 150 metres higher the wind came. And it was no nice and easy breeze, it blew fast and it blew cold - I don't know if you guys have ever experienced wind in 2.500m. Average speed was about 50 mph, some squalls blew even faster. I had to lean against it. Few times it almost blew me off the rocks and I had to duck. Again I thought: "Shall I return? Hell no, I've come so far, I won't give up."

Another 10 mins later and still about 45 mins to climb came the hail. Together with the wind those small nasty pellets hit me in the face and everywhere, like thousand needles. I could barely see and breathe. This time I didn't think anymore. I seriously yelled against the mountain: "Is that all you got?!" I knew that whatever would happen on the rest of the path, I couldn't be stopped anymore. But after each turn there was another ascent, the path seemed endless and I couldn't even see the hut! But I kept climbing!

I reached the hut, the trousers wet all through, water in my shoes, my hands so cold that at first I couldn't open my jacket anymore - and there was still the way back after a 15 mins rest with no real option to change. But I pushed through. Dripping wet and still in wind and hail I started the descent and finally reached the parking spot again after 2 hrs. Luckily the conditions got better after 30 mins on my way down the mountain.

Today I realised once again that those experiences, which I made in the mountains since I was a kid, formed parts of my personality:

Whenever I was on a hike with my family or later on my own and had set a goal to reach, we pushed through, no matter what Mother Nature threw against us.

Important remark: I'm not talking thunderstorms with lightning and stuff! It's reasonably dangerous to be in the mountains when lightnings flash, never do that. It's best to not even start a tour in such conditions! But everything else we accepted and reached our destination.

It's the same with a workout: it's pretty easy to work hard when sun is shining and I'm feeling good. Even better when I see fast results. But serious strength, physically and mentally is built when the conditions aren't best. When you don't feel like moving, when everything aches, when you're stuck and results won't come. THEN is the time to push through. THEN is the time to make visible changes. No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it seems: go the extra mile!

And it finally is the same in life: there will always be struggles. There's always someone steeling your thunder. Sometimes you just have to be strong and push through. Failing is no option! Don't give up! Don't wait for someone to push the clouds away!

Be strong, believe in yourself and you can reach all your goals! All the best beautiful Skimblers!

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17 Sep
Great, I agree with you. That' s really a good experience. I always compared a such circumstance with life. One of the principal I live by " Never give up". Thanks for sharing Matt. All the best for you too.
13 Nov
You're a great guy. You just need a great photo :)
17 Nov
Thx Mahmoud. Not sure what you're aiming at photowise but I'm planning progress pics at around my 1000th workout which will be beginning of January probably.
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Nov 13, 2015 3:52pm
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Love this. Your story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

17 Nov
Glad you liked it Andrea :-)