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Sep 25, 2015 10:11pm
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Hey Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! I know it's not easy staying motivated but I'm struggling with consistency. I'm definitely motivated. I want to stay fit and healthy, but I don't seem to have time. On Mondays, and Wednesday's I dance right after school until around 9. Then Tuesday's I have band and on the weekends I have to work normally all day. Is there any tips you guys have for me?

Thanks in Advance!

Just Keep Swimming,
25 Sep
If it's about the the time, you can do fewer workouts than the usual you do .... And you can do them early in the morning after the dawn ... And Choose the workouts which which are short not so long ... Between 5 and 10 minutes
25 Sep
OK thank you! morning workouts always bother me, I'm always weak and light headed in the morning but I'll give it another shot for sure
25 Sep
Not at all ... You know ... If you do workouts in the morning ... The Oxgyin is in the air with huge amounts ... The effective of the workout on your body will increase ... And you will be active and fit all the day ... That will help you in your works and you will do them easier than the usual