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Oct 2, 2015 3:45am
via iOS
Hey people i just got back on this app due to losing my phone and different things i wasnt able to get here.

 BUT IM BACK! And for those of you who dont know me Im Monica Vela 18yrs old now. When i was 15 i was 195lbs!! I knew i needed to change! It Took me about over a year to get this done! I lost 62lbs but it has changed my life forever.. For not just one year but for many more to come!!!

I slowly worked into workout durations and intesnitys without even a trainer or someone to give me tips.
You just have to pay close attention to your body on how its impoving and when you need to step it up and workout longer and harder or give it a break.  Its very hard to explain but slowly you will start to understand how you adjust to workouts and when to stop, go slow OR GO!!

Becuase of my person acheivement and life change i now have a passion to give back by helping others!! I am working on becoming a certified personal trainer for the last yr now! Sometime this winter i will be certified!! Im so exited and ready for this!

My tip for you all who r struggling is to keep your eye on the prize, listen to your body and how it reacts to what your doing OR not doing when working out. Know when to push yourself and the difference between a painful hard rep and real pain that can cause injury. Dont be too cocky that "you got this".

Your body is a machine, take care of it, fuel it with the right stuff and it will run smoothly and last you a long time! I love and support you all!! Keep up the great work and remember .... A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory️ Have confidence you can do it and you will!

02 Oct
Tht is awesome. Great job! And I totally agree
02 Oct
Well done Moniva xx
03 Oct
You look familiar ; )
03 Oct
So awesome story :) I am proud of you lady! ^^ Keep the great work as always
03 Oct
Haha yes i know!! Hi Scotty!!! :D Iv missed u guys!!
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Oct 4, 2015 11:45am
via Android

Thank u for ur motivation, it will really help me to loose weight!

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Oct 5, 2015 2:01am
via iOS
Aww I'm glad girl!! Stay focused and u will be surprised at how far u get! Be determined!! If u can't find a way you'll find an excuse, but if u make a way then you can't make an excuse
25 Nov
Thank u so muchh

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