Get rid of remaining fat and get ripped at belly.

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Oct 20, 2015 6:11pm
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I have some belly fat but not too much.But i have this side belly fat that its so hard to get rid of it.I wanna focus there.My arms are quite good and my upper body.But my belly its a problem.Whats i have to do to get rid of this dammed fat and get a six pack or at least to have a good ripped body shape without this side fat?

24 Oct
I would add that another factor is testosterone and estrogen ratios. A sign of high estrogen is accumulating fat on the hips and breast. Look for diet tips that help raise testosterone when planning diet. High fiber helps flush excess estrogen. A lot of personal care products contain xeno estrogens that absorb through skin and cause higher levels of estrogen. Soy is also to be avoided as it has estrogen boosting properties. There are herbal supplements as well to help raise test and lower estrogen. Fascinating topic to research
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Oct 21, 2015 1:46pm
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That area is where most men retain the last little fat on their body. The only way to get rid of it is to continue to reduce your overall bodyfat percentage.

This is difficult to do and takes a lot of dedication. Your body naturally wants to retain some fat for health. You have to really dial in your diet, count macros, count calories, eat clean.

And a lot of calorie burning exercise. Don't focus so much on the core exercises. Do some core exercise of course. They're great for health and all but you can't target where to lose fat so working that area is just time & effort you could spend really shredding way more calories.

Hiit, complexes, steady state cardio, all good ways to burn max calories.

Diet is really what makes the difference in that last amount of fat though, so do some research into nutrition for fitness & fat loss. Myfitnesspal is a good app for tracking calories and macros.