205lbs wanting to go back to 150lbs

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Oct 22, 2015 5:24pm
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I have played basketball all my life and now, it's hard for me to stay motivated. My boyfriend is bigger as well and he is always telling me I'm beautiful, but I don't feel beautiful. I'm angry more, my asthma is terrible, and I'm constantly tired. I had a hate/love relationship with basketball bc i felt like I had to do it. Now it's about keep the weight off so I don't end up like my parents with health issues. The discipline used to help me release my stress and stay fit, but now I'm trying to motivate myself and it feels impossible. If I could get support and motivation on here
, you guys would be amazing . Thanks for listening to me sob.

22 Oct
I would love to share my program with you!
22 Oct
I'm all for it!!
Nov 8, 2015 8:45pm
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I wish I was 205lbs currently I'm 265lbs & a lot of it is break up weight I think I'm over the breakup now & back to working out everyday with resistance bands for upper body  5miles on my treadmill here @ home & 5miles @ the park on the weekends that's where I'm headed now in the STL... You can do it...in my "Water Boy" voice lol