How to have more energy and motivation

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Nov 19, 2015 5:39pm
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I've been doing workouts at least 3 times a week when I'm supposed be doing 5 and I always dread the workouts and barely slog through them with knowing nothing about my diet or current exercise plan what could you recommend for me to do or eat to give me more energy and motivation to get off the couch (I'm 16, male and 222lbs and working out since July of this year with slowly draining motivation)

21 Nov
It doesn't have to be a big exercise plan, like I've been wanting too. Just go through the lists of 10 minute exercises and do one or two a day. Don't beat yourself up actually if you miss a day. You drain yourself more with negativity Lol
22 Nov
Patsy is right, start slow and increase intensity every week. E.g. If you begin with a 10 minutes workout two days a week, the next week add one day or change for a 15 minutes workout. The thing is to aim for an achievable goal, so when you get it, will bust you with confidence and motivation. Don't get all wrapped up in the big number, just try to make it one week at the time.