Motivation or lack thereof

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Dec 17, 2015 11:59pm
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I need someone to help me stay on track, I'm working to bulk up so I can enlist without having to worry about being underweight. Plus it would just help with my self confidence anyways, but getting to the gym is always tough for me, not to mention I've never been good at pushing myself that extra rep or that extra 10 lbs...In summary...I suck.

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Dec 18, 2015 1:37am
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I use a workout logging app called simple workout log.  It's not really for motivation, but it is crucial in keeping me on track and just seeing my numbers & progress helps motivate me to try for some improvement each visit to the gym, even if it's just one more rep out of the whole routine

For bulking you gotta, of course, try to lift heavy and eat for gains. This doesn't really mean eat everything in sight cuz then you'll just be carrying more fat around. About 250 calories above maintenance per day is about all you'll need to be able to convert into more muscle & less fat.  Anything above that is def going into territory beyond the rate of what normal humans can gain in muscle.

I don't know your experience level but it really helps to have a structure to follow & these workouts below are great for a few reasons. You can read up on them at the site listed in the description,, where he explains the benefits of the compound exercises included, & the philosophy of starting simple. I've seen other trainers recommend similar routines for the most efficient & foundational training.

I did these workouts for most of a year, much of that without the movement specific warmups (which I fortunately didn't get injured not doing, perhaps cuz i was lifting relatively light, still building foundations and form, i still did a short cardio warmup) they can take about half an hour once you get out on the gym floor, I could be in & out the door in an hour. They are great for developing a solid strength training base.  Add the warmups (there is a whole page on about em) and it's a bit longer but probably safer and more effective.

Here they are :
Beginner Weight Training: Workout A
Beginner Weight Training: Workout B
Beginner Weights A (with Warmup)
Beginner Weights B (with Warmup)

18 Dec
Apologies if this is all info below your experience level, maybe it can help somebody tho!