In desperate need of motivation

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Dec 23, 2015 5:25pm
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Hello, everyone. I have a goal of dropping 70 pounds but I find it hard to motivate myself. So far i have lost 40 lbs. But i has been hard to stay focused. My last work out was in august and now it is December. I believe that support helps in the long run and i just have not had that...I guess i am looking for support and hoping i can get that here.

23 Dec
Wow you lost 40lbs? That's awesome! You have already shown that you have what it takes so the only person that's keeping you back is you. You have to ask yourself ĺdo I really want this"? Also keep in mind who you're doing this for or why you're doing it. My family drives me and my father's poor health drives me to excel. Find what drives you. You will meet your goals Erin!
24 Dec
Congrats on the 40# loss! Maybe you need a totally different routine to shake things up! I easily get bored with workouts and change them a lot. Best way to a key sure I workout is write notes and post-it's to myself and send myself alarms on my smart phone to remind me
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Dec 23, 2015 11:18pm
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Go girl. You have come so far! Don't give up now. Just adding 20 min of activity into your day is a good way to start getting back into the groove of exercise.

I hope you receive the support you need here ;)

Keep up the good work & feel free to reach out if you ever need motivation or wanna talk.

- Coach T

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Dec 29, 2015 9:58pm
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Hello I am in the same boat. After I lost my job the motivation to lose weight just wasn't there anymore. I began eating unhealthy and not doing much more. I'm wanting to get back on track with my weight loss but, I'm having trouble as well getting motivated. Maybe we can help each other.