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Dec 30, 2015 1:24am
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I see alot of forum posts on here asking for motivation, I see it for many reasons whether it be lack of energy, finding the time in your day, having no support at home etc. I have been in every category and then some when it comes to reaching weight-loss/ fitness goals and for the up-teenth time I am at it again, 11 months in so far, and here to tell those who need it the most, that when it comes down to it, there are no external factors that are going to help you through this. You can have a million people in your life cheering you on, you can buy an expensive home gym, or sessions with a personal trainer, you can have a dietician on stand-by to tell you everything that can and cant go into your mouth, and drink 4 energy drinks a day,but everything is 100% up to you, bottom line. There is nothing at the end of the day that will magically make this happen for you. And this is not one of those posts thats condescending or me being a drill sergeant telling you to just get off your ass and do it. Its not my place to say that to anyone, but in retrospect thats the point. No one can get you through that last rep, or those last 10 minutes of the workout, or make the initial move off the couch except for you. Alot of people on here ask for motivation but what your asking for is not something anyone else can give to you. Others can give you inspiration, the initial epiphany to head down a certain path or develop an idea on how to better achieve a goal. But motivation comes purely from within, its self- inspiration harbored in the heart of someone who refuses to give up until their goal is accomplished. You will fall short, you will put forth effort and then it seems like it was for nothing, you will have to evaluate then re-evaluate your plans over and over, you will want to give up.... But the test of your strength through this journey will not be on how many reps you can do or how much stamina you possess, it will be based on the determination and perseverance you conjure to attain your ultimate goal. Only you can get your mind right and only you can look in the mirror everyday knowing failure is not an option!!!