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Dec 30, 2015 2:24pm
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Hi guys!!
I was wondering if it was possible to talk with the trainers and maybe have some advice from them about workouts and about our personal life style (other sports that we do, our equipment...)
Can we do this? Thanks
(I'm not a pro member and sorry for my English I'm from Italy)

30 Dec
Hello there! :-). What would you like to discuss fully? I'll always be put a message away so help in anyway I can!
31 Dec
Thank you for answering :) I wish I had some advice on how to achieve my goal that is flat stomach and to burn some belly fat. I am an active person, once a week I do an hour of zumba and two or three times a week I ride my horse. Before the summer I did a lot of workouts with skimble and I lost two kilos but I haven't noticed big improvements :( how should I proceed ? thanks again :)
31 Dec
One great way to lose some stubborn stomacheck fat is a good sprint! Anything high intensity, power and explosive. Sprinting works the abs so well because when you do sprint, without realising, the abs are twisting, tensing and ticking every time yout step and laugh. What strategies are you currently using to combat this? Also... Have you considered it could be a dietary issue? Always wise to consider every side of the cube :)
31 Dec
In this period I haven't done any Plan and in the previous period I did workouts for that abs zone randomly. Yes it can be also a dietary issue what food I have to delete? I don't eat sweet food because I don't like it but I eat a lot of carbohydrates. (I am 1.63 cm tall and I am 51 kilos)
31 Dec
That's okay! There are a lot of foods that are good, great, bad and worse. It's finding the right combinations and consistencies between each. Find great food you love to eat and combine them with other foods and adapt through what you feel works best; makes you feel better, more energetic, etc. About the plans, what do you enjoy the most? Add some ab exercises in that system. For example, I love cardio. If I don't like sitting down too much I would adapt and add cardio ab exercises like High Knee obliques or T-Kicks, etc.