Need some motivation?

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Jan 1, 2016 5:15pm

Do you need some motivation?

Maybe think you need to stay on track some more through this next year?

I posted this on my status a few days ago and though 'why not put it in the community wide forum'.

So here it is...

'I've got a great challenge for you guys... It will take 365 days to complete. Get different stacks of however much paper you want in each. One stack will be things you WANT to achieve, do, change, add, remove and conquer in your year. The other stack will be things that you DO achieve, do, change, etc. Keep these stacks separate so you don't copy them each week. Just write as many as you can think of and leave the 'WANT' pile alone for 12 weeks. Each 12-week 'cycle', refer the 'DO' pile to the 'WANT' pile to see how many match. Then add some more you have come up with and see which of the incomplete you can conquer next. Even break your wants down to individual elements to make it more thorough. I.e. Squats - 150 without resting, running - 1.5 miles in under 9 minutes, Weight - drop so many stone or lbs, Occupation - find a job I love, Financial - Save £3,000 etc. Good luck and have a superb start to the new year! 2016 is your year to conquer!'

Even if you want to save up enough money to buy that amazing pair of shoes you saw once! Evertime you accomplish something you WANT, it gives you a tiny little boost that 'Hey, I did that, I can do more.' Make it as easy or as tough as you want. Use my list in my photo as inspiration if you want!

Just make it up and don't stop adding to the WANT list and get that DO list filled through the year.

Good luck and I wish you all the best :).

02 Jan
Thanks Sam for motivating us.
02 Jan
You're welcome! I hope it helps!!