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Jan 5, 2016 6:53pm
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I know since November 2015 I just stopped doing everything. Anything I liked became a hassle or uninteresting.
Im needing support and a push to get up to get myself in gear. I want it badly but the way I think is awful. Im always putting myself down and always saying I cant do it. How can I stop this? I've been writing in a journal about my negative thoughts and try to out weigh them with something positive. But yet I feel it isn't working.
Any advice guys?

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Jan 5, 2016 11:14pm

Burn the negative journal - i mean literally burn it. It's a sign, you leave it all behind and you start new now. Then start writing a "Book of Success"

Write down every little succes, every beautiful thing that is happening. Even if it's just a nice look, a hello, a little workout... make sure, to have least 5 things every day.

You have a goal, I have read it in your profile. Always keep this in mind. You started this app, you lost some weight, you have found a great partner. You are a winner. You are worth it!

06 Jan
That was great thank you. I will definitely get rid of my journal. It never helped anyways, I appreciate the kind words.
06 Jan
You're welcome:)
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Jan 5, 2016 11:57pm
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Andrea, I like Heiko's replied to you.  I will add to take baby steps until you enjoy working out.  While watching tv do 1 push up and 1 sit up or squads.  A little tile bit goes a long way when you are trying to get in shape or to get your mind right.  Good luck!
06 Jan
Well I work overnights and get quite a bit of exercise from stocking shelves. Lifting heavy boxes, getting up and off the ground going up and down ladders, walking. I do have trouble sleeping tho.