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Jan 9, 2016 5:43am
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Hi there :) i need help finding different ways to motivate myself and others. How to find motivation, stay motivated and reach my goals. Well not only mine but help others as well. Any tips or me methods that helped you may help give me an idea of what to lean towards :) thank you, and much gratitude to those who help and those who dont. Stay positive and get to tour goals :)

09 Jan
Motivating yourself and others is simple once you've connected to their desire. Naturally it's a desire to improve themselves. Once you're about to connect and relate to individuals on a personal level, it's quite easy to speak with them and light that fire of unwavering determination and will to succeed. First you have to first tourself, be determined to set your goals and smash them, letting nothing stop you. Breaking the big picture into small steps is the best way to accomplish anything.
09 Jan
Thank you so much!