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Jan 26, 2016 6:11am
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Well I'm a newbie to everything related to a healthy lifestyle (not just the app). But being at 87 kg on my early 20's isn't exactly something a girl like me likes (being 1.70 mt). So I (finally) figured I had to make a change & started to workout a bit including some body combat & diet. Lost 2 kg in almost a month (85 kg now). Was so thrilled that everything was going as I planned. Then boom I got kidney stones, 3 different surgical procedures & 2 stents that left me in a painful way to recovery without being able to exercise, go to the gym or do much of an effort for some weeks. The diet went out the window as well, as I had all my favorite comfort foods (& more) anytime & I just fell back into the old habits (hello couch, I'm potato, nice to see you again).
Today I finally got the last stent removed & a green light from the doctor but as I caught myself snacking for the 3rd time on the huge loaf of still-hot-from-the-oven cheese bread, I realized I don't know where to begin again.
It was tough the first time around cuz I'm not a very disciplined person & words like "exercise" or "diet" in my family are just non-existent. Now I don't feel strong enough to jump right back to body combat (it was my favorite exercise cuz it actually made me excited & motivated to do it) & I'm just very demoralized by the time wasted & the whole medical experience (which also was quite expensive, so bye bye gym membership for now). I'd like to know does anybody have helpful tips they can share with me? Maybe about exercises that are helpful while recovering from a procedure, or maybe about what makes you get back in the horse when you are feeling down. Perhaps something about your favorite exercise or how you manage to stick to the routine you plan (that's really an issue for me ). Even advice about diet is helpful. Beforehand I really appreciate it & sorry for the long post.

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Jan 26, 2016 10:45am
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If you click on my profile, then on "topics," you will see one called something like 'how simple mini habits can change your life'
There is a link there, to an article I read and found to be very insightful. All about how making small changes that you are not intimidated by and creating new simple habits that are easy to stick to can build up to where eventually you've successfully made big changes.

The idea is to do very small or easy workouts, and then see how you feel, and maybe do another. Make small changes to your eating habits. The biggest threat to most ppls decision to become healthy is they try to start too big, and get frustrated when they miss the mark, when they fail at the diet, or learn to dread their workout sessions and eventually skip more and more...

A two minute workout is easy to commit to and hard to really dread.
Not eating sweets on Mondays (or whatever change you wanna make that is small)
Switching from sugar sweetened coffee to just with milk
Buying a special bottle and drinking more water
Trying to read before bed & go to sleep a little earlier
Substituting a healthy snack food, like fruit, for whatever you normally reach for
All these are just ideas, the point is to make changes you don't feel especially threatened or intimidated or deprived by.

They add up. Eventually there's a new you that wasnt torture to get to.

23 Feb
I agree with uper post. Try start morning with music, good music make you dance, sing along and feel better. After few song dancing you may get some insperation and do workout or go on walk. You may notice after a while, that more you occopied less you think about to have frobiten snaks.