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Feb 4, 2016 5:30pm
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Been quite lazy since the year started so, I've decided to start my exercises from today. Any tips on how to stay committed with exercising?

04 Feb
Honestly ... receiving motivation from my Skimble family and finding encouragement with pretty words helps ... but there are days I just don't feel up to it ... distractions and other things has my mind occupied... so I'd say motivation starts with you ... YOU have to want to ...need to want to improve yourself . We will help keep you on track but if you want to reach wichever goals you may have ... have to give it your best
04 Feb
Thank you very much
04 Feb
You're welcome
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Feb 5, 2016 11:43am
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I would say to start small

Make diet changes that don't feel like you're giving up the love of your life. Choose workouts that don't make you start to dread your exercise time like it's torture.

If you find yourself starting to regularly think of excuses for why you should skip your workout, don't feel bad, just switch things up.  Pick an easier workout or just a different one. If you skip a week and eat junk, don't beat yourself up. Just get back to it when you can. The key is to keep coming back to it, to keep sticking with it through those times, to the point where it really becomes a solid habit, a part of your life. If you can do that, even small changes will pay off huge later on.

06 Feb
Yeah I realize I have to do that. Do workouts that are effective but not too harsh when I'm starting out. Thanks so much

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