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Feb 4, 2016 6:22pm
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Okay excuse the title but I had no idea what to put there...anyway ...
Advice on deadlifting please ? Where to start ... how much to start with for beginners ... ??

04 Feb
Touma? I should actually ask you come to think of it hehe
04 Feb
To answer your question, you never want to start with too much because that could injure your back. Therefore, I would recommend that you start off with just the bar, keep your feet hip to shoulder width apart, keep your back straight and you're shoulders back, knees slightly bent for position. Now for the movement, to pick up the bar bend forward stand up straight while you're holding the bar and you want the bar to be at your tips
04 Feb
I meant you want the bar to be at your hips then repeat.
05 Feb
Thank you so much for your imput I'm really interested in lifting ... know what kind of person shouldn't be lifting ( besides pregnant woman or people with knee injuries ... I have mild scoliosis ... it should make my back stronger right ?)
05 Feb
Gotta drop my two cents here. Deadlifts are the king of full body strength building but you have to start slow. Make sure your core is ready. Olympic squats with a broom stick and good mornings with the bar can help condition your lower back. Focus on form above all else before going heavy. Once you add some weight put some plates under the bar so youre not starting as low, then gradually take one out as you progress. Classic pyramids can help you increase your max. Ease into it. No need to rush when a back injury can put...
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Feb 6, 2016 12:59am
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You gotta Google.
Stuff like "Deadlift for beginner" and just check out everything you find. I still read and watch videos to find different ways I can improve my form and my overall approach to the Deadlift.
When I started I read up on how to do it, but I'm still finding things that didn't sink in or I didn't quite get

Biggest one for me was grasping how little the Deadlift is like a squat. They are very different but I was starting with my hips much lower than they should have been.

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Feb 6, 2016 2:09am
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I saw in one of your post the mention of mild scoliosis.  If you know the direction of your curve, check out a talk by ed paget(Google his name and scoliosis).  He has some great strengthening exercises for scoliosis and keeps in mind not only the curve but the rotation of the spine as well.

06 Feb
Yes I remember that name , thank you ... I will .
13 Feb
I'd maybe quickly check with a medic whether those could do any harm to your back before trying it out

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