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Mar 3, 2016 7:02pm
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healthy food

I've only recently got used to disciplining myself from those "dangerous" foods, and I'm just realising how nice it is to be able to say "no" to piece of chocolate.

My love for healthy food is growing more and more! If you really tie yourself down and restrict yourself from unhealthy carbs and fat, you'll definitely lose weight - along with exercise of course.


I've drank one soft drink through 2016 so far, and that was a fruit based drink. Empty calories and sugar for younger people mostly add up because of soft drinks, and that's a big waste of calories!

I mostly drink water and that's it. Maybe green tea occasionally.

monthly challenges

As some of you know, last month I went without chocolate. Not just milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate as well. Don't get me wrong, I understand that to some people that may seem the quite simple task. Not exactly.

Partway through February, I was finding it easier and easier to say no if somebody accidentally offered me chocolate - now, to eat it is an absolute luxury.
This isn't the only time I'm going to withdraw chocolate from my diet, I will carry on every other month until 2017. I'll make sure to not go over the top and eat every chocolate themed item I see.

weight and body

I haven't weighed myself for a few weeks as I've forgotten a few times, but I know I'm around 67kg and I would like to lose a bit of that.

My body is not the best. I'm growing into large sizes at my age and I'm aiming to lower my sizes at some point.

This was only quick but I'm going to regularly come back on this app

03 Mar
Sounds like you have a good plan, keep it up. I wouldn't worry to much about weight if you're working out, since muscle out weights fat and helps burn more of it.
04 Mar
Thanks Dave, it didn't actually cross my mind that muscle weighs more than fat :)