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Mar 31, 2016 12:39am
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Every feel after that the energy and motivation goes away ? Like the after the first week of that fitness high it wears off . What do you do to remotivate yourself ?

31 Mar
Start small if motivation is a problem. As long as you move - it counts! I started just challenging myself to get up and stretch for 5 minutes a day. Then I thought, 'Since I'm up, I may as well keep going.' That was more than 2 months ago!
31 Mar
Results motivate me. I see changes and that motivates me to work even harder to see even more changes and and even better results
31 Mar
I have the same problem and I find connecting with people and encouraging one another everyday like an accountability partner works well :) Find someone that will call you out if you don't go for that walk or if you indulge in seconds... Someone you can trust :)
02 Apr
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Mar 31, 2016 9:51am
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I like to train with others I find this not only motivates me but also gives me the motivation to carry on away from them so the next time you see each other you don't feel disappointed that you haven't eaten well or done some kind of training 
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Mar 31, 2016 11:03am
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Sometimes seeing the long time goal can be hard more so if you have alot going on in your life, work, school, etc. Sometimes when you look at it this way it makes you feel over wilmed. When starting completely new the best thing you can do is first focuse what you want to achive whatever it is (smaller goals first) for if youre looking at the finish line without starting youre only going to become frustrated. Keep a log of goals youre shooting for, working out with people (even on here can help you stay on track for the reason of they can help you stay on track and give you support on a good job done. When working out by yourself it can be easy to be thorded from wanting to working out, this really stand true if you dont give yourself the praise you deserve. Once youve been working out for a month you should take a look at what you ahve achived. (You wernt able to run a mile without becoming winded) now you can (even if the mile wasnt as fast as you wanted, did you do it? Thats a win. Then keep building off examples. (The big one is there is no fast, shortcuts etc to fitness! Dont let anyone tell you oh yeah shortcuts to a sixpack etc i does not work that way, if you fall into that way of thinking then you will not want to stay on track (this is way all the things on tv you see make so much money they plan on you thinking that in one month your going to be a superstar) then you fall off, they dont care they have your money already and are on to the next person. (Give yourself praise) welcome and i hope to see you on a reg:)


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